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If you have a Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) business you are looking to move on from Wild World Digital is here and prepared to take the reigns

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Wild World Digital is an operator and acquirer of e-commerce and MRR (monthly recurring revenue) businesses. With extensive, and growing, experience in the e-commerce landscape, Wild World Digital utilizes cutting edge tools and practices to sustainably grow e-commerce and MRR companies.


At Wild World Digital we seek out opportunities to partner with business founders whose businesses can benefit from our assets and expertise. We are committed to making agreements that benefit both parties.

Developing a successful business is difficult and continuing to grow that business is an even more daunting challenge. Partnering with Wild World Digital provides business founders the opportunity to see their business grow under the management of experienced personnel and with additional resources.

Monthly Recurring Revenue

Now, more than ever before, people are taking their income into their own hands using technology and services to create steady and diverse incomes. We are interested in acquiring businesses with an MRR business model that provide users with useful tools and services for their personal and professional endeavors.

Wild World Digital believes that the future of MRR businesses is bright and ripe for growth. With investment experience and a wealth of resources for develop, Wild World Digital is excited to explore the opportunity of partnering with your MRR business.


E-Commerce can get complicated. Logistics, taxes, accounting, PPC advertising, and customer relations are all integral parts of a successful e-commerce business. We are interested in acquiring companies that create simple and effective solutions for any aspect of the online selling process.

Wild World Digital has extensive experience dealing with, and utilizing, e-commerce related companies and their products. With the ever-changing e-commerce landscape Wild World Digital is excited to partner with your business to build and sell e-commerce services that sellers cannot live without.


Simply contact us. We’ve done this before, and we are happy to take the reins in acquiring, or forming a partnership with, your business. We will make sure all legal documents are in order and confirm details of settlements. We will even help you arrange your business’ reports so they are prepared for the potential merger or acquisition.