About Us


Wild World Digital is an operator and acquirer of e-commerce and MRR companies. Utilizing experience and partnerships throughout several different industries, Wild World Digital seeks acquisitions that serve customers and businesses in unique and forward thinking ways.


We are operators of businesses across many industries and we are always seeking opportunities to add quality services to our portfolio. By acquiring growing businesses that utilize a MRR model we continue to not only improve on our own operations, but also expand the scope of services provided to customers of our businesses.

We like to keep things simple and transparent. Organizing acquisitions so that our partners are comfortable and confident when selling their business. We value relationships with our partners, and rely on their input for a successful future. Striving to provide the highest quality services to the customers of our businesses, Wild World Digital builds upon acquired tools to make numerous business landscapes easier to navigate and operate within. Whether you are utilizing a Wild World Digital service for yourself, or selling your business to Wild World Digital, we will consistently do our best to ensure our actions benefit all parties involved.



Michael Derikrava

President & Acquisition Manager

Matthew Mendell

Business Portfolio Manager